Sunday, July 19, 2020

100 word challenge week one

                                                    100 challenge week one

Today was my first day going to an amazing band. Six60! And I can't believe I got a ticket. I'm so excited!. I went alone but my friend bought a ticket of her own. We drove to the concert. I see so many people as if they were wind drifting everywhere. We get our seats and we wait. After other singers sing six60 finally comes on. My heart beats like an earthquake. Then it began. They started singing there lungs out and it was amazing! My friend and I were dancing and singing alot. What a time!


  1. Hi Georgia
    Going to a concert is always a great and exciting event and you have captured both the anticipation before going and the excitement of being there really well in this week's 100word challenge. I love how you the prompt to literally start the concert. I also like how you described all the people as if they were 'wind drifting everywhere'. Well done!
    Máire O'Keeffe Team 100wc
    Galway Ireland

  2. Hello Georgia. Well done, I really enjoyed reading your 100 Word Challenge. You've used really strong description, especially when writing about the mass crowd - 'I see so many people as if they were wind drifting everywhere'. Loved it, keep rising to the 100 WC Georgia!
    Heidi (Team 100WC,NZ)