Monday, June 29, 2020

100 word challenge term twelve

As I was walking to my house. My mum called and said ‘sorry i won't be home at 11:00’.

I was confused? My mum never says that. As I continued down the dark deep street

someone was up ahead. I looked to see what they were doing. That's when I saw it. I ran as

fast as I could. I rushed through the street as the man was chasing me.

I looked behind as I thought I lost him. I turned. He was gone.

That's when I saw the man in black. ‘Wow thats scary mummy!’

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

100 word challenge

100 word challenge

It was a nice sunny day. So I went on a walk. Down the dark. Deep. forest. I knew there was gonna be some fishy person but I will be careful. I went to the gate where the track started. I walked in, as I was walking I saw trees keeping the track dark and shadows appearing like there was someone watching me. I heard a branch snap. Thats when i knew i should run. I ran as fast as my legs could go. I saw him behind me. I fell.. I woke up in a hospital.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

star jump challenge

this is my challenge when i did star jumps in one minute. i got 57 i would like u to let me know how much u got too.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

about me

                                                        ABOUT ME

hi my name is Georgia macleod and i am going to tell you about me. my favorite food is butter chicken. and i love hanging out with my friends in my spare time. i also like to help around the house with my family. i feed the chickens every now and then.and i have the bestest friends i will always have wich is. rose. bridie. meya. zavanah. petra. millie. and charlie i always hangout with them they are always going to be my friends what so ever.

Monday, March 16, 2020

10 things i am looking forward too

1, i am looking forward to my friends coming over and having  a sleepover with them.

2, i am looking forward to getting an avery full of birds.

3,i am looking forward to visiting my grans house after she passed away.

4,im looking forward to see my family every day after school.

5,im looking forward to listen to my sister at singing lessons every tuesday.

6,im looking forward for netball this year at school.

7,i am looking forward to seeing my mum picking me up every day after school.

8, i am looking forward to seeing my dad every second weekend.

9, i am looking forward to see my grans bird blue bell so i can take care of her.

10, i am looking forward to visit my aunty in dunedin and see her dog karen.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

10 things that make me happy.

1,my family/friends, my friends and family make me happy because they are apart of my life and they mean the world to me.

2,food/water,food and water make me happy because i love to eat and it just sometimes calms me down.

3,my school/teacher,my teacher and school make me really happy because my teacher is always there for me and school is where u learn so its really good to have a school.

4,my pets,my pets mean the world to me i have lost a few pets in the past i have lost seven pets over the years so im really happy to have my loving pets.

5,my home,my home is one of the best places that i know im really happy to have a home cause some people are homeless.

6,my friends being there for me,i love my friends they mean the world to me they always stick up for me when im down never let go of your friends people.

7,reading,reading makes me happy it calms and relaxes me and its just so nice you get to stay in bed and listen to the rain its so relaxing

8,rain, i LOVE the rain its so nice and soothing you can always lay in bed and drink a nice warm hot coco its the best.

9,colouring,colouring makes me so HAPPY i love colouring even at school im in a art group its really fun.

10,sleeping,I LOVE sleeping its so  nice my mum always has to wake me up but i always fall back asleep.